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5 stars of GALA

Designed in Canada, Built in Europe!

Each GALA boat is designed in Canada by GALA MARINE INTERNATIONAL with its 20 yerars experience of designing and development of first class inflatabe boats and RIBs. Every design meets the requirements of Canadian, Americal and European boat building standards. The GALA manufacturing facility is situated in Europe with access to the best European materials, workmanship, and technology to produce the best quality. This is one of the maor advantages of GALA in compare with most of other inflatable boats and  RIBs manufacturers.

 Innovations, Innovations, Innovations

There are numerous features exclusive to GALA. Discover all of the advantages of a GALA boat with the new generation of bow cleats and other fittings, new transom structural design, new flooring systems and performance systems and more of new and smart equipment.

a)  "GALA-TABS".  GALA created and offers to the market the unique patented hulls with exceptional performance. The welded aluminum hulls include extensions of the riding surface behind the transom, that work like passive trim tabs, making getting on plane easier and faster, and making your ride completely dry as it sufficiently reduces water spray generation at the back.  You will be amaized how much nicer your boat rides with this exceptionally effective solution from GALA!. Enjoy!.

b) GALA-JET HULLS. The special hull tubing configuration of every GALA boat turns it into a great performer while allowing for impressive capacity and large cockpit space. This specially trimmed tube form is called the GALA-JET HULL  ̶  one of GALA's personal calling cards. It features soft curved tube sides and bow with gradualy increasing tube diameter and special formed keel line and tube ends for:
- very wide bow and cockpit space for more comfort, higher capacities and usability,
- more flotation at the back for heavier engines and less resistance at the front for better performance,
- lifted-upmid-section of the tube for less water spray, dryer and faster ride,
- large tube end cone for easier planing without sufficient bow lift, and less resistance on ride.

c) FOLDABLE STEP HULL (FSH).  FSH is an innovative idea from GALA, improving the performance of foldable inflatable boats with keels. Two substantial molded profile-hull steps allow air to pass underneath  ̶  decreasing resistance, increasing speed, saving you fuel, and making it more fun to drive.

Best materials and parts.

Every GALA boat is built using only the best materials and parts: HYPALON materials - strictly ORCA from Pennel et PFlipo, Belgium; PVC materials - VALMEX from Mehler, Germany; Stainless steel parts - strictly AISI316 (DIN:A4); All the molded parts and fittings are not from generic, no name suplliers, but structly MADE BY GALA with the highest quality requirements. This is why we are proud to put our name on it! 

Best engineering and design.

If you are looking for the sharp looking, elegant and stylish boat as accessory for your beautiful power or sail boat, or an impressive runabout for your family - then GALA should be your first choice! Just have a look at the clear outlines, designer decor and expert equpment and be impressed! Every GALA has its own signature look, which is easy to recognize, and hard to forget. Why buy a bulky, no-name and cheap looking boat? Why not to spoil yourself, and go with something special and elegant? GALA will always be your best choice!

Best performance and comfort.

GALA boats are not built to race - they are roomy and practical boats.  But you will be surprized with how exceptional they perform because of their LOW WEIGHT and SPECIAL HULL DESIGN. With no dought they are the best performers in its class! Our small, 10' dinghy will easily get you on plane with only a 5HP engine and go up to 25 km/h, or you can take 4 people with a 20HP motoron an 11' dinghy and fly up to 40 km/h, fully loaded.
The ride is exceptionally dry and the boats sit higher above the water than any other. Great seating arrangements with sliding seats and removable bow seats give you a number of options for comfortable, customized cockpit arrangemets!  Its time to fly and have fun!