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SPRINTER S210, S240, S270, S300


6'11" long, 4HP max


7'10" long, 5HP max


8'10" long, 10HP max


9'10" long, 15HP max

SPRINTER slatted deck dinghies are the best of the classics: streamlined, sleek, and elegant with forefront engineering. The optimal choice for its versatility, it is a portable, light, and competitively priced boat. The best choice for a sail or powerboat dinghy, a boat for the children, or the beginner's first in discovering the great adventure and camaraderie that is the boating community.

There are 4 models ranging from 7 ft. to 10 ft. long, each taking around 5 minutes to assemble, and are easy to store. The slatted deck is simple to use, requires no maintenance, and is comfortably stable for all on board. Nice seating with a sliding installation system allow for the opportunity to rearrange the cockpit space in seconds, no matter if you are on the water, deck, or davits!

All models are available in 1100 dtex Valmex PVC material in variety of colors for your choice.

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GALA Sprinter S270 Walk around tour


  • Soft curved 3-chamber VALMEX-PVC buoyancy tube
  • Double strength welded (HIGH-FREQUENCY WELDING) tube seams
  • Slatted deck with laminated slats
  • Integral laminated transom
  • 2 aluminum seats with sliding installation system (1 on S210)
  • 2 stainless steel towing bow eyes
  • Bow grab handle
  • Substantial lifeline 
  • Overpressure valve
  • Tough rubbing strake with splash guard
  • One-way drain valve with pull-up handle
  • Two oars with oarlocks and oar stops
  • High-efficiency foot pump
  • Envelope type carry bag
  • Repair kit and manual


  • Overall cover
  • Soft cushion for aluminum seat
  • Under-seat bag
Models S210 S240 S270 S300
Length overall, cm  ft/inches 210cm  6' 11'' 240cm  7' 10'' 270cm  8' 10'' 300cm  9' 10''
Width overall, cm  ft/inches 145cm  4' 9'' 145cm  4' 9'' 160cm  5' 3'' 160cm  5' 3''
Tube diameter, cm  inches 38cm 15'' 38cm 15'' 42cm 17'' 42cm 17''
Boat weight, kg  lbs 20kg  44lbs 26kg  57lbs 29kg  64lbs 33kg  73lbs
Loading capacity, kg  lbs 220kg 484lbs 250kg 550lbs 350kg 770lbs 420kg 924lbs
Passengers capacity, persons 2 3 4 5
Number of compartments 3 3 3 3
Engine max, HP 4 5 10 15
Engine weight max, kg  lbs 25 kg  55lbs 30kg 66lbs 45kg 99lbs 50kg 110lbs
Engine shaft length 15"(short) 15"(short) 15"(short) 15"(short)

All technical data are subject to change without notice. The products details and specifications may be changed from specified herein. All the dimensions are + or - 3%. All the weights are + or - 10%

Tube and decor colours







Custom colors are available on special order. Ask for a quote and availability