About Us

«GALA» is an international project, established in 2014 and developed by GALA MARINE INTERNATIONAL Inc., a part of GRAND MARINE GROUP, ON, Canada, in cooperation with GELEX GLOBAL GROUP, Ukraine. We are focused on development and manufacturing of new generation of Aluminum-hull RIBs and foldable inflatables. All boats are produced at a modern GALA European facility in Ukraine, and distributed to over 30 countries all over the globe through GALA International Distribution network.

From 2018 Distribution of all GALA boats in all counties of North America is managed by GMI MARINE DISTRIBUTION, ON, Canada. GMI MARINE is strictly wholesale company, dedicated to building and developing of GALA boats Dealers Network in North America. It is conveniently located in Toronto, ON with excellent logistics possibilities to supply our Dealers Network and GALA Customers.

Starting 2019 we are developing and representing the new and impressive line of Commercial Grade Professional Aluminum hull RIBs GALAXY. This model range is designed for all professional use applications like Search and Rescue, Law enforcement, Military, Diving and much more.

The Key and strongest features of GALA are:
– Superior engineering with a number of absolutely new and revolutionary designs and ideas,
– European production with its best materials and workmanship,
– Exceptional Quality and Unbeatable Price,
– The best and well established Distributors worldwide!

We offer a complete inflatable boats range from 2.1 to 8 meters for all segments of inflatable boats market:


– ATLANTIS Lite A240-A330: super lite aluminum hull RIB tenders
– ATLANTIS A240D-A390D: double deck aluminum hull RIB tenders
– ATLANTIS Deluxe: A300L-A500L: line of aluminum hull RIB tenders with center console and remote steering
– VIKING Tenders V330, V360, V420: premium line aluminum RIB tenders
– VIKING Cruising V500,V580,V650: premium line aluminum RIB cruising boats
– FREESTYLE F240-F450: foldable inflatable boats with aluminum flooring
– FREESTYLE Air F240A-F330A: foldable inflatable boats with air deck
– SPRINTER S240-S300: foldable inflatables with slatted deck
– SPRINTER-D S240D-S360D: foldable inflatables with laminated plywood deck
– CHALLENGER Canoes C380-C520: line of foldable inflatable canoes


– GALAXY PILOT P4.5 – P8: line of professional grade RIBs with classic inflatable tube
– GALAXY TRIDENT T7, T8: line of hi-end professional grade RIBs with D-tubes (coated foam or inflatable floats)

Between these models you definitely can find the boat you need.

We understand our mission as providing our customers with the best, most revolutionary and advanced boats and service on a market now and we truly believe in great success!

         Welcome to GALA!